Sze-Bi Hsu

Department of Mathematics

National Tsing-Hua University

Hsinchu, Taiwan 300





B. S., Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan 1970


ph. D., University of Iowa, 1976

Professional Experience

Instructor, University of Utah, 1976-1979

National Chiao-Tung University


Associate Professor, 1979-1980


Professor, 1980-1985

National Tsing-Hua University


Professor, 1985--


Chairman, Institute of Applied Mathematics, 1987-1990


Dean, College of Science, 1998-2004

  Visiting Professor, University of Maryland, 1986-1987

  Visiting Professor, Emory University, 1990-1991

Visiting Professor, Texas A&M University, 2004-2005


  MOE Science Award, 2005

  MOE National Chair Professor (Feb.1,2011-Jan.31, 2014)

 Tsing-Hua Distinguished  Chair Professor (2011-)

 ROC Mathematical Society Award 2012

 SIAM Fellow 2013



Lectures on Chaotic Dynamical Systems, International Press, 2002 (with Valentine Afraimovich) 



Ordinary Differential Equations with Applications, Word Scientific Press, 2006 (First edition), 2013 (Second edition).

Lecture Notes


Mathematical Biology for undergraduate students [DOC]


Mathematical Modelling in Biologial Science [PDF]


Introduction to Mathematical Biology Math.380 / 2013 [PDF1] [PDF2][Discrete Logistic Map][1.2 Single Species Growth Discrete Case][1.3 Multiple Species Interactions][1.3Linearization][1.4Two Dimensional Linear System][1.5 Predator Prey Model][1.6 Competition Model][Holling Type II and Epidemics models][MatlabProgram][Discrete Map LPA Model& Baily-Nicholson][Population Genetics1][Population Genetics2][Population Genetics3][Leslie Matrix][Population Genetics Models][Population Genetics2][Genetics and Probability][Modeling of nucleotide substitution]

Journal Articles

I.: Mathematical Biology

II.: Chaotic Vibrating Strings

III.: Mechanics and Gas Dynamics

    I.        Mathematical Biology

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  II.        Chaotic Vibrating Strings

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III.        Mechanics and Gas Dynamics

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