Numerical Analysis (I), Fall 2014.

An undergraduate course in Mathematics at the Department of Mathematics, National Tsing Hua University.

Instructor: Professor Wei-Cheng Wang,

Class meeting: General III Building, room 201, T5F56. Recitation: T6 First meeting: September 12, 2017

Grading: Homework assignment for both paper-and-pen and programming will be distributed weekly to bi-weekly. The final grade is 40% quiz (pick 4 from 5) + 20% midterm I + 20% midterm II + 20% final exam.

Textbook and References: Textbook: R.L. Burden, J. D. Faires and A. M. Burden: Numerical Analysis, 10th edition.

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Matlab Information

Matlab is an excellent environment for experimentation in scientific computing. It is not the most efficient environment for large-scale simulations, although with some effort, Matlab can be used in conjunction with C and Fortran routines. Matlab is a product of The Mathworks. For a tutorial, see A Free Matlab Online Tutorial or Another Tutorial
You can start from our class note on matlab before reading these materials.

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