Introduction to Applied Mathematics, Spring 2011.

A graduate course in Mathematics at the Department of Mathematics, National Tsing Hua University.

Instructor: Professor Wei-Cheng Wang,

Class meeting: General III Building, room 734, T6W34. First meeting: 2:10PM, Feb 22, 2010

Grading: Homework assignment, Midterm and Final Exam. The exam problems will be based on the homework assignment. Precise dates of the exams will be provided soon.

Textbook and References: Textbook: J.D. Logan: Applied Mathematics, 3rd edition.

  • Errata of the texbook.

    Course description: We will introduce basic analytic methods in Applied Math. Typically, these methods are used to analyze ordinary and partial differential equations arising from physics, biology and engineering applications in order to get approximations and gain insight of the solutions. We will cover Chap 1-4 of the textbook with some supplementary materials. Topics include

    Homework Assignment: