*Geometry of curves and surfaces, by Manfredo P. Do Carmo. Prentice Hall, 1976.
  • A list of errata for the book(1976), compiled by Bjorn Poonen, can be found here.
    *Elementary Differential Geometry, 2nd edition, A. Pressley, Springer, 2010.
    *Elementary Differential Geometry, 2nd Edition, by Barrett O'Nell.

    INSTRUCTOR: C.J. Anna Sung
    CLASSROOM:Math. Building room 115
    TA(Teaching Assistant):Feng-Chih Dai (Office:209 in Math.Building, Tel:ext 33070)
    OFFICE: Math. Building 525 ; Tel: ext 62308;
    OFFICE HOURS:Wed. 11:30-12:10
    LECTURES: Wed.3-4(10:10-11:25) Thu.7-8(15:30-16:45)


    This is an introductory course on the theory of curves and surfaces in the three dimensional Euclidean space.
    After developing the theory of curves, we will study the geometry of a surface from both intrinsic and extrinsic point of view.
    Topics include first and second fundamental forms, various notions of curvature, and the famous Gauss-Bonnet theorem.
    a. Geometry of the Guass map; Gaussian, mean and principal curvature
    b. Geodesics
    c. Gauss Theorem
    d. Minimal surfaces
    e. Gauss-Bonnet theorem.
    f. Global Differential Geometry

    (1) Course score = 25\% of quizzes + 35\% first exam+ 40\% second exam.
    (2) Bring your photo ID(Student ID) to first and second exam.
    (3) No late homework and No make-up exam.
    (4) Quiz will take place every two weeks.
    (5) Each exam is closed-book and closed-notes.
    (6) Calculators are 'not' allowed.
    (7) You have to show your work to receive any credit.
    (8) Any student missing an exam, without providing a legitimate excuse,is given a grade of zero on that exam.
    (9) Any student cheating in exams is given a grade of zero on exams. No excuse.
    (10) Any student who wants to be excused from any of the scheduled exams must discuss
    the situation with me at least one week before the exam.
    ***'Turn off' the cellular phone in class***
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    *****All the above information are subject to change, based on in-class announcement*****

    ****first exam on April 19 [] **2018******Bring your photo ID****

    ****second exam on Jun [] **2018****Need bring your Student ID.****
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