Calculus (I), Fall 2002.

A undergraduate course in Mathematics at the Department of Mathematics, National Tsing Hua University.

Instructor: Professor Wei-Cheng Wang,

Meeting: u | 521, T3T4R3

Grading: 40% Homework + quiz, 30% midterm and 30% final exam.

Textbook and References: Textbook: R. Finney and G. Thomas: Calculus, 2nd ed.

Course description, study guide and lecture notes (draft):

Part 0 : Syllabus (Course schedule and exam dates). Check back from time to time but do not download it, since this schedule is temporary and may be slightly changed according to the feedback of the students.

Part I : Limits and Continuity.

Part II : Derivatives.

Part III : Application of Derivatives.

Part IV : Derivateve of Exponential, Logarithm and Trigonometric Functions. L'Hospital's Rule.

Part V : Integration.

Part VI : Application of Integration.

Part VII : Techniques of Integration.

Some test probelms from various entrance exams. (LATER)

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Final Exam: Solution and grading detail.

The Grade: Here.