File download utilities

Articles are available in PDF, DVI, PostScript, TeX and/or SWP formats. PDF files can be previewed with Acrobat Reader from , PostScript files with GhostScript from , TeX files with packages from , SWP files with packages from , and DVI with DVIscope package from . The DVIscope package is preferred over the others. All utilities are free. The following instructions should be helpful for the new users. First download the DVIscope package by selecting the web site mentioned above. Then enter the Ordering section and look for the free product DVIscope. Download this software and then install it. After that you may freely download any documents in our journal from the posters or the current volume (operative from January of 2001) sections, and read as well as print them by means of DVIscope.

Due to the common use of the PDF files, starting from the second volume, they will be preferred over the others. DVI files are, however, still available upon request.