Papers limited to eight printed pages will be considered, provided they are not under consideration of publication elsewhere. Longer papers will be returned. Starting from the second volume, we will, however, also consider longer survey papers.

One copy of an article and/or the accompanying WORD, PS or  PDF files should be sent to the email address of the Editor-in-Chief..

All submitted articles must be accompanied by an abstract that summarizes the principal new results obtained and/or the new ideas behind them.

After your paper is accepted for publication, you will be required to submit the LaTeX file. Final formatting matters will follow, and publication will then be immediate.

All papers should be written in English and conform to the LaTeX format. Please avoid any nonstandard and complicated definitions. The first page should contain the author's names, affiliations, and addresses. An abstract which does note exceed two hundred words and recent AMS subject classifications should also be included. Acknowledgments and other announcements should be presented as end. References should appear at the end of the paper and follow standard practices such as that found in the sample LaTeX file simpleformat.tex or PDF file simpleformat.pdf.

We believe that a well recognized article is not only the result of the author's effort, but the referee's as well. As a referee, he is required to make suggestions as well as comments. Therefore be prepared to accept the referee as a potential joint author if he can offer important contributions. Under the last situation, the revised paper will, of course, go through another refereeing process. But the resulting paper is hopefully a better one and is better off for all of us.

There will be no page charges except in the case when excessive corrections are needed to be made by our editorial staff. In case the author cannot provide an electronic LaTeX file, we can also help to locate professional typists to prepare the final format at low cost. More information can be found in the file acceptance.pdf.

January 2006