Purpose of the Journal

No doubt a basic part of knowledge consists of elegant arrangements of various ideas, thoughts and observations of many individuals. When a large number of related ideas have been accumulated, theories and important subject areas will form.  However, it is unfortunate that some of these ideas have never been recognized for lack of expository skills, resources and various other factors.

The Applied Mathematics E-Notes is a fully-refereed electronic journal that welcomes short original research articles that report interesting and potentially important ideas. Longer survey articles are also welcomed if they provide important referencing materials.

Papers are presented on the internet immediately after they are accepted for publication. Full-text access to all papers is available for free so as to reach the widest possible audiences. No reprints will be offered, however.

Refereeing of papers will be carried out. However, we will locate referees who are willing to make suggestions and/or take an active part in the papers they read. The names of the referees will be listed (with their permissions) as they play an important role in monitoring our knowledge processing system.