Call for help

We believe that a well recognized article is not only the result of the author's effort, but the referee's as well. Therefore, we need anyone who is interested in serving as a referee.  As a referee, he will make suggestions as well as comments, and perhaps become a joint author if he can offer important contributions. Under the last situation, the revised paper will, of course, go through another refereeing process. But the resulting paper is hopefully a better one and is better off for all of us. With their permissions, we will also list their names as appreciation for their help and services to our mathematics community.

Reviewers will be eligible to be nominated as our editorial board members. Once appointed, an editor will be entrusted with the power to actively search for applied mathematics papers and decide on the quality of papers submitted to AMEN and arrange joint cooperation between authors and referees for the promotion of better and more useful papers. An editor can also serve as a guest editor in chief for publishing conference papers. More importantly, he can make suggestions concerning all the editorial policies of AMEN including recommendation of new editorial members.

If you are willing to help, please contact the Editor-in-Chief by sending the names and specialties to the following address: Professor Sui Sun Cheng, Department of Mathematics, Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, TAIWAN 30043, or email address.