Copyright Infomation

By submitting their papers to Applied Mathematics E-Notes, the authors automatically confirm that their articles, in whole or in part, have not been published elsewhere, and agree to transfer their copyrights to the Applied Mathematics E-Notes, once their works are accepted.

It is assumed that the corresponding author owns the copyright of his accepted work and can effectively give the transfer of the copyright free of any other claim of any third person. If the work was prepared jointly with other authors, the corresponding author has informed the coauthor(s) of the terms of this copyright transfer and is acting on their behalf with their authorization. The author(s) shall not publish the work in any other journal, whether electronic or otherwise, in the same, or substantially the same, form as the work, without acknowledging prior publication in this journal.

It is also understood that upon transfer of copyright to the Applied Mathematics E-Notes, the author(s) retains the following rights:

1. Patent and trademark rights, and rights to any process or procedure described in the work.
2. The right, subsequent to publication, to use the work or any part thereof in a printed compilation of other works of their own.

All copies, paper or electronic, or other use of the work must include an indication of the copyright ownership and a full citation of the journal source.