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    ColloquiumDividend optimization in a general risk model2010-12-06/2010-12-06R631, the 3rd General Building, NTHU
    ColloquiumCalabi-Yau varieties and hyperbolic geometry2010-12-02/2010-12-02R631, the 3rd General Building
    ColloquiumNonparametric estimation of counting process intensity function and its applications 2010-11-30/2010-11-30R734, the 3rd General Building, NTHU
    ColloquiumThe Nehari manifold of two-component systems of nonlinear Schrödinger equations2010-11-22/2010-11-22R631. the 3rd General Building. NTHU
    ColloquiumGeneralized asymptotic expansions of Tian-Yau-Zelditch2010-11-15/2010-11-15R631, 3rd General Building, NTHU
    ColloquiumSome Remarks on Optimal Arbitrage2010-11-01/2010-11-01R631, 3rd General Building, NTHU
    ColloquiumTorus equivariant elliptic cohomology and Thom sections2010-10-18/2010-10-18R631, the 3rd General Building, NTHU
    ColloquiumA recent survey on recent progress on the Bernstein problem in the Heisenberg group H^1.2010-10-11/2010-10-11R631, the 3rd General Building, NTHU
    ColloquiumAsymptotic Probability for the Deviations of Dependent Bootstrap Means from the Sample Mean2010-10-05/2010-10-05R734, the 3rd General Building, NTHU
    ColloquiumAlgebraic Independence of Drinfeld Logarithms 2010-09-27/2010-09-27R631, the 3rd General Building, NTHU
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