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    ColloquiumFourier analysis and expanding phenomena in finite fields2009-12-21/2009-12-21R734, the 3rd General Building
    ColloquiumCarleman estimates, unique continuation, and inverse problems2009-11-23/2009-11-23 R734. 7th Floor, The 3rd General Building, NTHU
    ColloquiumWall Crossing of BPS Invariants2009-11-19/2009-11-19R734 (7F, 3rd General Building)
    ColloquiumIwasawa main conjectures for CM fields and arithmetic of CM elliptic curves2009-11-16/2009-11-163rd General Building R734
    ColloquiumLinear orthogonality preservers of Hilbert C*-modules2009-11-09/2009-11-093rd General Building R734
    ColloquiumMinimal model program in dimension three2009-11-02/2009-11-023rd General Buiding R734
    ColloquiumRicci curvature, as an active link between Mathematics and theoretical Physics2009-10-27/2009-10-27NCTS Lecture Room B (4F, 3rd General Building)
    ColloquiumCompressive Imaging2009-10-20/2009-10-20R734
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