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    Colloquiumnon-linear PDE in conformal Geometry (II)2010-06-17/2010-06-17R734, 3rd General Building
    ColloquiumOn half integral weight automorphic forms over function fields.2010-06-07/2010-06-07R734, the 3rd General Building
    ColloquiumSemi-topological Galois Theory 2010-05-31/2010-05-31R734, the 3rd General Building
    ColloquiumChaos-based cryptography and STPCS stream cipher2010-05-31/2010-05-31R631, the 3rd General Building
    ColloquiumTwisted torsion2010-05-24/2010-05-24R734, the 3rd General Building
    ColloquiumQolloquium-2010.05.202010-05-20/2010-05-20R734, The 3rd General Building
    ColloquiumTrapper drove Hare to eat Lynx - CMS and NCTS Joint Seminar in Mathematical Biology2010-05-19/2010-05-19Lecture Room A, NCTS
    ColloquiumAnalytic theory of heat ---- Mathematical Poem2010-05-17/2010-05-17R734, 3rd General Building
    ColloquiumT.B.A.Exact traveling wave solutions of three species competition-diffusion systems2010-05-10/2010-05-10R734. 7th Floor, The 3rd General Building, NTHU
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