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Event titleColloquium-Some geometrical problems in gravitational waves
Speaker張曉 研究員 中國科學院數學與系統科學學院
Place4F Lecture Room B, General Building III
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The nonlinear effects of gravitational waves can be described by Bondi-Sachs spacetimes. They were originally introduced by Bondi for axi-symmetric spacetimes, and generalized by Sachs to general asymptotically flat
spacetimes over 50 years ago for the zero cosmological constant. In this framework, Bondi defined the Bondi energy-momentum at null infinity, which represents the rest energy of spacetimes after the loss due to gravitational
In this talk, we shall discuss some basic problems in gravitational waves for zero cosmological constant: Whether the Bondi energy is nonnegative? i.e., whether the gravitational waves can carry away more energy than they
initially have? How the Bondi energy-momentum relates to the ADM energy-momentum defined at spatial infinity? We shall also discuss the natural boundary condition and the peeling property when the cosmological constant is nonzero.
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