Beginning2018-07-10 11:20:00
Ending2018-07-10 12:20:00
Event titleVisiting Scholar Colloquium-The Q-prime curvature equation in CR geometry of real dimension three
Speaker楊建平 教授 (普林斯頓大學)
PlaceLecture Room B, 4th Floor, The 3rd General Building
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I plan to discuss the recently introduced notion of Q-prime curvature equation. A basic result in real dimension three when the underlying CR structure satisfy the two CR invariant conditions: the CR conformal Laplacian is a positive operator, and the CR Paneitz operator is non-negative, then the total Q-prime curvature is bounded from above by that of the standard 3-sphere, and equality holds if and only if the CR structure is biholomorphic to the standard 3-sphere. There are two proofs of this result, first one using the positive mass theorem, while the second one is "elementary"”. I will outline the two different approaches.
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