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Event titleMultiscale methods for elliptic partial differential equations and related applications
SpeakerProf. Chu, Chia-Chieh(University of Texas at Ausin)
PlaceR723, The 3rd General Building
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Multiscale problems arise in many scientific and engineering disciplines.

A typical example is the modeling of flow in a porous medium containing a

number of low and high permeability embedded in a matrix. Due to the high

degrees of variability and the multiscale nature of formation properties,

not only is a complete analysis of these problems extremely difficult, but

also numerical solvers require an excessive amount of CPU time and

In this talk, I will introduce multiscale numerical methods for the

elliptic equations. I will review the multiscale finite element method and

related homogenization theorems. My work is focusing on interface and

two-phase flow problems. The model problems we considered are motivated by

the multiscale computations of flow and transport of two-phase flow in

strongly heterogeneous porous media. Although the analysis is carried out

for simplified model problems, it does provide valuable insight in

designing accurate multiscale methods for more realistic applications.

Tea Time: 3:30PM R707
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